Customized Earnings & Redemption Offerings

Customize Your Loyalty & Rewards Experience

Cardholders demand choice. Give it to them.

Design customized point parameters and point earning levels. Enable diverse redemption for cardholders with rapid-redeem and convenient capabilities.

But most importantly, give your cardholders the rewards experience they deserve. In fact, 75% of cardholders agree that loyalty program experiences drive engagement.

Let’s build a better rewards experience for your cardholders together.

Design My Rewards Experience

Loyalty Starts With Listening

The data shows loyalty programs are not meeting cardholder demands.

Rewards Unredeemed Annually


Consumers Want To Choose Rewards


Average # of Loyalty Memberships


Loyalty Accounts Are Inactive

Personalization Is Leading Cardholder Incentive Strategies

Only 22% of cardholders are very satisfied with the level of personalization received.

Part of the disconnect between loyalty program providers and cardholders is personalization. 85% of consumers want more choice in the rewards they receive, but only 22% of members are very satisfied with the level of personalization delivered by their financial institution.

Be the outlier. Engage with cardholders through the right channels, at the right place, at the right moment, and with the right message.

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Household Cards & Accounts

Unify cardholders’ experience by householding multiple cards and products together into a single loyalty account.

Set Customized Point Parameters

Control how cardholders engage by setting customized point parameters and point earning levels by product, sub-product, expiration, mins/max, and caps.

Connect With Cardholders Anywhere

Leverage mobile channels and the increased opportunities driven by omnichannel loyalty solutions with real-time rewards.

Enable In-The-Moment Engagement

Meet customers in the moment and offer convenience, immediacy, and seamless engagement to forge loyalty connections.

Engage With Real-Time Alerts

Deliver your cardholders an immediate notification of redemption transactions to close the appreciation — and value — loop.

Simplify The Rewards Experience With Merchant Funded Offers

Drive engagement. Get the marketing and support you need.

Whether online or in-the-store, you can use merchant funded offers to enhance your loyalty program. Connect cardholders to their favorite brands and give them customized benefits determined by user behavior.

Merchant funded offers make point redemption — and the rewards experience — easy.

Explore Merchant Funded Offers

Give Cardholders A Customized Rewards Experience

Earn every way. Redeem any way.

Personalize the rewards cardholders receive with customized redemption offerings.

Gift Cards & eGift Cards
Real-Time Rewards
Local Event Tickets
Cash Back
Pre-Paid Debit
Green Products
Charitable Donations
Custom Solutions

Explore Engagement Tools Designed To Improve The Rewards Experience

Offer your cardholders a customized way to earn and redeem — and then optimize engagement using a range of engagement tools.

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Full-Service Marketing & Support

Deploy a fully-branded custom website and mobile design that extends your brand. Use the Marketing Portal and collaborate with our experts to build your program.

Portfolio Insights and Data Analytics

Access a platform that helps you attract, engage and retain cardholders. Use L.E.A.P. to identify areas of opportunity and drive improvements across your program lifecycle.

Modernize Technology

Integrate file formats and multiple providers, including your financial institution, debit and credit processors, digital providers and the core platform.

Innovation & Enhancements

Deliver cutting-edge rewards and redemption technology. At ampliFI, we’re always thinking about tomorrow and how cardholder demands will evolve.

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Customize Earnings. Tailor Redemption. Personalize The Rewards Experience.

Show your cardholders you’re listening and start seeing increased engagement at every level.

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