ampliFI Management Portal (AMP)

Effectively Manage Your Rewards Program With AMP

Get real-time visibility into your program set-up, instant access to aggregate data, and next-level performance insights through reports. With the right data in hand, you’ll deliver a better experience to your cardholders.

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Gain Visibility Into Performance

Get high-level insights into transactions, points redeemed and enrolled participants. Access aggregate views to uncover broader program trends and opportunities.

Service Cardholders

Easily manage campaigns and your loyalty program. View cardholder profiles, card information, transfer points, process cash back, and change account status.

Analyze Interval Reports

Review program details in weekly and monthly reports using the Reporting Suite. Securely transmit and store critical files and deanonymized cardholder data.

Get Real-Time Insights

Use the online portal to gain real-time visibility into program performance and access granular card level information to drive strategic engagement promotions.

Protect Your Data Assets

Secure your data — and that of your cardholders — with SSO, audit trails, and multifactor authentication with our secure management portal.

Analyze Program Insights To Better Manage Your Rewards Programs

It’s simple. AMP makes your job easier.

Tracking program performance, reporting on cardholder behaviors, adjusting your program to improve engagement — loyalty program management is complex. When you manage rewards programs for your financial institution, you need better tools to drive program improvements.

AMP gives you the visibility and capability to make those program improvements. With better visibility, data access, and administrative tools, you have the power to adjust on the fly to meet your ever-changing targets.

AMP Technology on tablet

Access Better Features. Put AMP To Work.

Meet your new rewards campaigns assistant — AMP.

AMP gives you everything you need to manage rewards campaigns and drive program improvements.

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Cardholder Servicing
FI User Management
Advanced Search
Performance Reporting
Secured Access
Audit History
FI Brand Customization (coming soon)
User Impersonation (coming soon)
Custom Landing Pages (coming soon)

Leverage The Complete ampliFI Product Suite

Accelerate cardholder engagement by using the full suite of real-time transaction engagement products.

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Real Time Rewards

Reward users in near real-time during transaction flow or at point-of-sale — tying rewards to your brand.

Merchant-Funded Offers

Surprise cardholders by integrating with over 9,000 national merchants, who then fund offers.


Use peer benchmarking and trend data from the Loyalty Engagement ampliFIcation Platform (LEAP) to keep informed on how your programs are performing.

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Manage Your Rewards Campaign With Ease. Use AMP. 

Simplify loyalty marketing analytics and program management with AMP.

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