Loyalty Engagement ampliFIcation Platform (L.E.A.P.)

Level-Up Performance With Cardholder Loyalty Analytics

The best loyalty rewards programs are responsive and proactive, iterating on current trends and cardholder behavior to identify new opportunities that meet cardholder needs while aligning to financial institution objectives.

With L.E.A.P., you get the deep cardholder loyalty analytics and performance insights needed to optimize for increased engagement that targets your institution’s revenue targets.

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Peer & Industry Benchmarking

Remain competitive against your peers and industry best practices by comparing program performance against up to 30 KPIs.

Portfolio Analysis & Development

Assess data points from your loyalty programs and cardholder behavior, then collaborate to design improved campaign efficacy using L.E.A.P.’s Portal & Analytics Engine.

Data-Driven Campaign Strategies

Use a robust campaign catalog and drive program improvements through dynamic, personalized strategies aligned to your institution’s initiatives.

Lifecycle Campaign Management

Leverage the L.E.A.P.’s Campaign Collateral Engine to manage and execute strategic campaigns across the portfolio lifecycle, generating new insights and improving targeting.

Performance Monitoring & Triggers

Capture performance metrics and a feedback loop with machine learning models to improve campaign configuration and impact assessments.


Increase In Transactions


Increase In Monthly Spend


Increase In Account Growth

Improve Performance With Dynamic Strategy Application

Attract. Engage. Retain.

Gain portfolio insights and cardholder loyalty analytics, then design and deploy personalized, dynamic strategies targeting measurable results.



Build new relationships through card acquisition with spend-based promotion and program awareness to improve early onboarding


Develop your customer base to increase card acquisition strategies, targeting key institutional drivers.


Manage behavior trends with customized triggers, including activity, threshold, and location-based offers and improve engagement with personalization.


Convert cardholders into brand advocates who not only use but grow your cardholder base, moving your card to top-of-wallet.

Move Up The Value Scale To Next-Level Performance

L.E.A.P. makes campaign and portfolio management simple.

Attracting more cardholders and improving current cardholder behavior takes data, visibility, and strategy. L.E.A.P. lets you harness your data to make informed, strategic decisions that align to growth targets for your financial institution.

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Dashboard Reporting
Aggregate Data Insights
Granular Behavior-Based Promotions
Performance Tracking
Dynamic Campaign Strategies
Data-Driven Triggers
Segmentation & Promotion
Reporting & Administrative Tools

Get Comprehensive Cardholder Loyalty Analytics With ampliFI

Accelerate cardholder engagement by using the full suite of real-time transaction engagement products.

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Real-Time Rewards

Reward users in near real-time during transaction flow or at point-of-sale — tying rewards to your brand.

Merchant Funded Offers

Surprise cardholders by integrating with over 9,000 national merchants, who then fund offers.

ampliFI Management Portal (AMP)

Manage your rewards program through our interactive dashboard and get real-time visibility and data insights.


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Drive Program Performance Improvements With L.E.A.P.

Uncover cardholder loyalty analytics and leverage L.E.A.P. to outperform against your institution’s targets.

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