Engagement Tools For Rewards Program Optimization

Optimize Your Rewards Program

Design a loyalty program using a full suite of loyalty solutions and engagement tools.

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Improve Loyalty Program Engagement Metrics

Harness engagement with custom-branded marketing and customized redemption offerings built to incentivize users.

Gain Visibility Into Cardholder Behavior

Access clear portfolio insights and near real-time metrics for comprehensive rewards program optimization.

Integrate With An Agnostic Partner

Ensure your programs run smoothly with an agnostic loyalty platform that integrates with everything — including processors, networks, and banking tools.

A Full Suite Loyalty Solution For Cardholder Engagement

Leverage the comprehensive capabilities of a full suite loyalty solution with engagement tools built to align to your business goals.

Full-Service Marketing & Support

Deploy a fully-branded custom website and mobile design that extends your brand. Use the Marketing Portal and collaborate with our experts to market your program.

Portfolio Insights and Data Analytics

Access a platform that helps you attract, engage and retain cardholders. Use L.E.A.P. to identify areas of opportunity and drive improvements across your program lifecycle.

Customized Earning & Redemption Offerings

Design customized point parameters and point earning levels. Enable diverse redemption for cardholders with rapid-redeem and convenient capabilities.

Modernize Technology

Integrate file formats and multiple providers, including your financial institution, debit and credit processors, digital providers and the core platform.

Innovation & Enhancements

Deliver cutting-edge rewards and redemption technology. At ampliFI, we’re always thinking about tomorrow and how cardholder demands will evolve.


Get A Custom Loyalty Program Website

Make Your Card Top-Of-Wallet

With customized marketing campaigns and a branded loyalty program website, your cardholders get an immersive, dynamic rewards experience.

A custom website provides the ultimate branded touchpoint for your cardholders. Make rewards psychology work for your brand by joining real-time redemption to your name.

Use our full suite loyalty solution platform — and add on the features and tools you need — to take cardholder engagement to the next level.

Rewards Program Optimization Demands New Perspectives

You know your cardholders, and we know the ins and outs of rewards program optimization. Together, we build a completely custom loyalty program that incentivizes your users.

Keep ahead of the trends with an in-the-field technology and engagement partner keen on delivering next-level engagement tools to you and your cardholders.

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Advance Cardholder Experience With Data-Driven Rewards Program Optimization

Drive next-level program performance that improves cardholder loyalty.

Start leveraging your data to improve program performance and outcomes with the Loyalty Engagement amplification Platform (L.E.A.P.).

Get Better Visibility with L.E.A.P.

Data Analytics

Get instant access to aggregate data and start improving both cardholder experience and program performance.

Dashboard Reporting

Gain improved data visibility with a user-friendly dashboard, complete with custom reporting tools.

Peer Benchmarking

See how your program performs against industry peers with ampliFI’s peer benchmarking capabilities.

Behavior Drivers

Understand the key behavioral drivers informing cardholder behavior and use rewards program optimization to retarget behaviors.

Performance Tracking

Gain visibility into program performance with near real-time campaign and rewards program engagement metrics.

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Enhance Loyalty With Rewards Program Optimization

Partner with a loyalty and engagement provider who is always on the cutting-edge of cardholder engagement and loyalty program development.

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