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Use the ampliFI integrative loyalty platform to drive data-driven performance. 

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Engage Cardholders. Use An Innovative Loyalty Platform.

We’re not giving out gold stars. We’re reinventing loyalty.

Loyalty programs built to be transactional don’t inspire action. You need a loyalty platform that engages cardholders with real-time redemption, customized branding and simple on-the-go capabilities.

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Incentivize Cardholder Behavior

Make your loyalty program something bigger than a cardholder benefit. Incentivize behavior and align to your strategic initiatives — like loan applications and e-statement sign-ups.

Get Insights Into Your Initiatives

Capture cardholder data and use custom reports and analytics to understand behavior. Leverage this data to inform your loyalty program, cardholder engagement and brand reputation.

Access Leading-Edge Expertise

Collaborate alongside the experts in rewards technology, redemption offerings and loyalty programs. Design your loyalty program and aligned initiatives with the help of our marketing consultants.

Create a Branded Loyalty Experience

Utilize your own branding to forge emotional connections with cardholders.

Simplify the Cardholder Experience

Discover innovative omnichannel experiences with real-time redemption capabilities. Offer diverse ways to earn points and on-the-go alerts that help engage cardholders along their journey.

Integrate Entire Transaction Flow

The ampliFI platform seamlessly integrates with all major merchant networks, card processors and service providers — so you have end-to-end control of the platform.

Customize Your Program

Find out how loyalty programs have evolved. With over 30 years of experience, our teams provide marketing consultation and help architect a program that aligns to your goals and your cardholders’ demands.

Drive Purposeful Action

Not all actions are created equal. Use your loyalty program to drive the actions you want and create the engagement that inspires authentic loyalty. Power it all with the ampliFI loyalty platform.

What Cardholders Want

Their number one frustration? Redeeming rewards is way too complicated.

In Rewards Go Unredeemed Annually


Consumers Want To Choose Rewards

Average # of Loyalty Memberships


Consumers Want To Pay With Points

Simplify Redemption For Cardholders

Shop. Select. Save.

Evolve your offerings to match cardholder trends. Checkout With Points prompts cardholders with cash-like redemption discounts at the POS, eliminating the need to visit a rewards website and providing instant satisfaction.

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Loyalty Products

Give cardholders what they want. With innovative and tech-enabled redemption capabilities, your cardholders can earn points and spend in ways that work.

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Real Time Rewards

Connect with cardholders in real-time, at point-of-sale and post-transaction, to drive better engagement and show users immediate value.

Merchant Funded Offers

Delight your cardholders by integrating nearly 25,000 merchant-funded solutions. Reduce friction, improve offer utilization and find them where they shop.

Loyalty Engagement ampliFIcation Platform (L.E.A.P.)

See how you perform against peer benchmarks and identify influence and growth opportunities. Increase engagement, grow revenue and explore insights.

ampliFI Management Portal (AMP)

Use ampliFI Management Portal for program management and to gain better visibility into your loyalty engagements.

Engagement Tools

Align your loyalty program to your strategic initiatives with our customized loyalty solutions. Merge marketing, technology and business goals to create a loyalty program that works for everyone.

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Full-Service Marketing & Support

Deploy a fully-branded custom website and mobile design that extends your brand. Use the Marketing Portal and collaborate with our experts to build your program.

Portfolio Insights and Data Analytics

Access a platform that helps you attract, engage and retain cardholders. Use L.E.A.P. to identify areas of opportunity and drive improvements across your program lifecycle.

Customized Earning & Redemption Offerings

Design customized point parameters and point earning levels. Enable diverse redemption for cardholders with rapid-redeem and convenient capabilities.

Modernize Technology

Integrate file formats and multiple providers, including your financial institution, debit and credit processors, digital providers and the core platform.

Innovation & Enhancements

Deliver cutting-edge rewards and redemption technology. At ampliFI, we’re always thinking about tomorrow and how cardholder demands will evolve.

Featured Case Study

High Performing Consumer Incentive Programs

A leading credit card processor and POS solution provider used the ampliFI platform to double transaction rates, resulting in significant gains for the client.

 A sub-optimal transaction rate due to poor-performing incentive program.

An engaging and dynamic data-driven consumer-focused incentive program.

A 2x transaction rate and increased cardholder engagement.

“Redstone now has a stronger, more competitive rewards program that gives our 480,000-plus members options on how and when to redeem their MyChoice Rewards.”

Redstone Federal Credit Union®    |    Credit Union    |    Huntsville, AL

Engage Cardholders. Provide A Real-Time Loyalty Platform.

Build something better, something authentic, something that inspires. Build loyalty through engagement and ampliFI cardholders’ experiences.

Make a cardholder experience that inspires and drives action.

Get Visibility Into Your Campaigns

Use near real-time data to understand how marketing campaigns and point initiatives are performing.

Using L.E.A.P. and proprietary peer-benchmarking technology, ampliFI gives you deep visibility into how cardholders are engaging with your campaigns.

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Let’s Future-Proof Loyalty

Use the ampliFI platform to give cardholders what they want — and stay ahead of demand.

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