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Give Cardholders Real-Time Transaction Engagement

Engage your cardholders with real-time notifications through an omnichannel loyalty platform that makes redeeming points fast and convenient.

Increase engagement by delivering real-time rewards and redemption. When cardholders redeem their points — at checkout or at the gas pump — you reinforce the value and benefits of your loyalty program and tie that experience back to your brand.

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Pay With Points

Give cardholders a fast and easy way to redeem rewards, in real-time. Once enrolled, cardholders can redeem points with a one-click redemption for an account credit.

Fuel With Points

Fuel With Points provides cardholders the convenient ability to redeem points directly at the pump for discounts on fuel.

Checkout With Points

Connect with cardholders at checkout by giving users the option to use their loyalty card at the point-of-service of an ever-expanding set of merchants.

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Real-Time Transaction Engagement Makes Redemption Easy For Cardholders

Pay With Points makes engagement simple.

Simplify how cardholders redeem points and advance your engagement initiatives. Use real-time transaction engagement to drive improved loyalty program performance.

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All your cardholders need to do is enroll in your Pay With Points program. Once enrolled, they can immediately begin using their loyalty card to start earning rewards.


Cardholders purchase with your rewards card within your predetermined set of merchant categories and instantly activate real-time transaction engagement strategies.


Eligible purchases by cardholders trigger text or email notifications. With a single one-word text or click, your cardholders can immediately apply points to their transaction.


Beyond the real-time transaction engagement, your cardholders can also apply credited points for up to 30 days post-transaction in your Rewards Portal. In both cases, the amount is credited back to their account.

“I was prompted with Pay With Points before I could get in my car to leave, which I loved! I didn’t use my points, but I loved how quick the turnaround time was.”

Hollie Lanza, Card Services Manager | Barksdale Federal Credit Union

Real-Time Recognition Generates Real-Time Engagement

Cardholder Engagement Boosts Loyalty Program Performance

Establish connections with your cardholders in the moment. By showing your cardholders the value of your program in real-time, you forge an emotional bond that drives engagement and loyalty.

Help your cardholders see the benefits of your loyalty program in action. Leverage rewards psychology and link rewards to your brand.

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Rapid POS Redemption

Let cardholders redeem points on mobile devices using a one-word text or one-click email in near real-time.

Convenient Purchases

Make point redemption simple by helping cardholders use points with the most popular brands — including restaurants, retailers, fuel stores, groceries, and charities.

Real Time Connection

Join your brand to the immersive cardholder experience offered by Pay With Points and reinforce the value of your loyalty program while growing cardholder engagement.

Customized Parameters

Determine how your cardholders participate and customize amount thresholds to tailor your point redemption to your financial institution’s loyalty program.

Mike Moss

“Cardholders want more immediate and innovative ways to redeem their rewards, but also want to keep the process simple and free of friction. Issuers are looking for additional ways to engage with their cardholders and provide both value and immediacy to the reward redemption experience.”

Mike Moss, COO  |    ampliFI Loyalty Solutions

Add To Your Real-Time Transaction Engagement Suite

Accelerate cardholder engagement by using the full suite of real-time transaction engagement products.

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Merchant-Funded Offers

Surprise cardholders by integrating with over 9,000 national merchants, who then fund offers.

ampliFI Management Portal (AMP)

Manage your rewards program through our interactive dashboard and get real-time visibility and data insights.


Use peer benchmarking and trend data from the Loyalty Engagement ampliFIcation Platform (L.E.A.P.) to keep informed on how your programs are performing.

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Advance Loyalty. Use Pay With Points.

Give your cardholders real-time transaction engagement and start building loyalty today.

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