Merchant-Funded Offers

Reduce Cardholder Friction With Merchant-Funded Offers

Surprise and delight your cardholders with a chance to earn bonus points with transactions at select merchants.

With merchant-funded offers, you give cardholders access to thousands of national and local brand-name merchants —  delivering immediate satisfaction and value.

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Meet Cardholder Demands

Your cardholders want to be able to shop with their favorite brands and access customized benefits — and merchant-funded offers deliver just that.

Deliver A Branded Experience

ampliFI’s marketing and support tools enable custom-branded materials and emails to create a seamless, branded experience.

Drive Deeper Engagement

The cardholder journey reduces friction and drives sustained loyalty for your cardholders.

Give Your Cardholders What They Want


Merchant Engagement Locations Nationwide

Potential Bonus Points With Eligible Merchants


Consumers Want To Choose Rewards

Convenient Merchant-Funded Offers

Meet your cardholders where they are — online or in-store.

With thousands of participating brands, merchant-funded offers are evolving to address cardholder behavior and changes to the e-commerce marketplace.

Give your cardholders offers fully funded by merchants and improve cardholder engagement.

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100% Merchant-Funded

All of our offers are 100% funded by merchants. Build stronger relationships with your cardholders and their favorite brands with merchant-funded offers.

Up To 10x Bonus Points

When cardholders make purchases with eligible merchants, they can earn up to 10x bonus points. Make the value of your programs tangible with concrete value statements.

Special Offers

With exciting discounts at over 45,000 participating merchants, merchant-funded offers provide enticing deals that translate to increased cardholder spend and improved program performance metrics.

Seasonal and Holiday Specials

Stay connected to your cardholders and their buying habits by delivering seasonal and holiday specials with merchant-funded offers tied to your cardholder’s emotional experiences.

Drive Engagement With Diverse and Innovative Merchant-Funded Offers

Merchant-Funded Offers Make Earning Points Easy.

ampliFI’s merchant-funded partnerships feature a wide range of merchants and offers that ensure something will appeal to every cardholder, including evergreen offers with no opt-in required, special incentives and product-level offers that require activation, and travel and theme park discounts. 


Shop, Earn and Redeem

Many evergreen offers are already linked to cardholders’ rewards cards with no enrollment needed! Cardholders view these always-on offers on the loyalty rewards website and use their rewards card to receive bonus points.

Activated Featured Offers

Cardholders can earn more points by activating and exploring online, in-store, and product-level offers with higher bonus points at participating merchants.

Item-Level Offers

Align loyalty solutions with the needs and preferences of your cardholders with item-level offers, which reward consumers when they purchase eligible items that matter to them.

Competitive Travel Offers

Cardholders who book through the loyalty rewards website can enjoy significant discounts on their travel expenses, including hotels and car rentals, while earning bonus points for every dollar spent. Empower cardholders to travel their way for less and earn valuable rewards at the same time.

Travel Rewards

Connect Merchant-Funded Offers To Our Suite Of Loyalty Products

Accelerate cardholder engagement by using the full suite of real-time transaction engagement products.

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Real-Time Rewards

Reward users in near real-time during transaction flow or at point-of-sale — tying rewards to your brand.

ampliFI Management Portal (AMP)

Manage your rewards program through our interactive dashboard and get real-time visibility and data insights.


Use peer benchmarking and trend data from the Loyalty Engagement ampliFIcation Platform (L.E.A.P.) to keep informed on how your programs are performing.


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Convenient. Immediate. Innovative.

Cardholders want to earn and redeem points easily. Merchant-funded offers from ampliFI makes that happen.

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