Portfolio Insights & Data Analytics

Improve Performance With Loyalty Marketing Analytics

Put your data to use.

When you have visibility into your loyalty marketing analytics it’s easier to answer the big questions about portfolio performance, identify the best opportunities for revenue growth, and align your loyalty program to your financial institution’s strategic initiatives.

Portfolio insights and data analytics from ampliFI help you leverage that data for better performance.

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Increase In Transactions


Increase In Monthly Spend


Increase In Account Growth

Find Opportunities. Improve Your Program. Optimize Engagement.

Uncover portfolio insights and improve your loyalty program’s performance.

Improve your loyalty program performance with the ability to mine data through robust analysis of underlying performance drivers, develop insights to improve campaign development, implementation and results tracking.

Demystify data and drive cardholder engagement.

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Analytics Engine

Use modeling to improve targeting, campaign configurations, and impact assessments.

Segmentation & Promotion Set-up

Segment targeted accounts and configure promotions with an intuitive user interface.

Presentation Layer

Get insights into the expected costs and results of targeted campaign decisions based on historical performance data.

Performance Monitoring & Data Capture

View performance metrics and assess feedback loops with advanced machine learning models.

Campaign Fulfillment

Integrate seamlessly with your fulfillment engine to develop, review, and launch optimized loyalty campaigns.

Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Your Loyalty Marketing Analytics

Maximize your portfolio insights and data analytics with easy-to-use tools.

Simplify loyalty program management and make data-driven campaign decisions with robust reporting, analytics and administrative tools for loyalty program optimization.

Detailed Reporting Suite

Review regular reporting to get enhanced insights on everything from overall portfolio trends to specific cardholder data.

ampliFI Management Portal (AMP)

Check point balances, view transactions, create and view program promotions and documentation — all through a user-friendly administrative interface.

Gather Cardholder Intelligence With AMP

Real-time rewards are better with real-time visibility.

Use AMP — the ampliFI Management Portal — to get real-time visibility into your loyalty program, instant access to aggregate data, and cardholder information that helps you improve program delivery.

With increased program insights, you get visibility into your loyalty program performance and granular card-level data — all of which helps you optimize your program for improved cardholder engagement.

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Complete Your Toolkit With ampliFI Engagement Tools

Improving visibility into your program and gathering insights to drive program improvements is only part of loyalty program optimization.

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Full-Service Marketing & Support

Deploy a fully-branded custom website and mobile design that extends your brand. Use the Marketing Portal and collaborate with our experts to build your program.

Customized Earning & Redemption Offerings

Design customized point parameters and point earning levels. Enable diverse redemption for cardholders with rapid-redeem and convenient capabilities.

Modernize Technology

Integrate file formats and multiple providers, including your financial institution, debit and credit processors, digital providers and the core platform.

Innovation & Enhancements

Deliver cutting-edge rewards and redemption technology. At ampliFI, we’re always thinking about tomorrow and how cardholder demands will evolve.

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Uncover insights and trigger growth with data-driven campaigns.

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