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Cardholder engagement is in our DNA.

When you partner with ampliFI, you not only get a custom-branded website, you also get a loyalty program design partner.

Collaborate with our loyalty program experts to design and implement marketing campaigns and loyalty programs that align to your broader financial institution’s strategic initiatives. Make loyalty intrinsic to your brand — and fundamental for your cardholders.

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Make Loyalty A Brand Basic

When your cardholders use your card and experience rewards, you want that experience to translate to increased loyalty.

That’s why loyalty marketing strategies emphasize branding—to make the connection between rewards and institutions clear. See this power in action. Get a custom-branded loyalty website that gives cardholders instant access to rewards and ties the positive equity built during redemption to your brand name.

Fully Responsive & ADA Compliant

Get a modern, UX-friendly website that is fully responsive and ADA compliant.

Easy-to-Use Templates

Use templates to design and launch your custom website right away.

Intuitive UX

Help your cardholders navigate with ease by using a strategic user-experience design.

Rapid Checkout Technology

Give cardholders a fast way to redeem and expand their loyalty to your card and institution.

Change to End-To-End Loyalty Marketing Strategies

Drive engagement. Get the marketing and support you need.

Customize your loyalty program with ampliFI’s marketing and support services. Use a single product or design a high-engagement loyalty program just for you and your cardholders.

Incentivize your cardholders. Partner with ampliFI.

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Marketing Design & Strategy

After 20+ years of building and implementing successful loyalty programs, we know how to quickly assess, develop, launch, and optimize a loyalty program that incentivizes your cardholders and increases engagement.

Branded Loyalty Website

When your cardholders need to visit a website, make it a familiar experience. With ampliFI, you get a custom-branded website that delivers a user-friendly, seamless loyalty program to your cardholders.

Easy-to-Use Templates

Use the ampliFI Marketing Portal to create custom marketing campaigns. Upload logos, fonts, and colors and select templates to use in your campaigns. Save time and resources in loyalty program delivery.

Easy Customer Outreach

Whether you upload your mailing list to the Marketing Portal or leverage the ampliFI real-time rewards suite to track and incentivize users at point-of-sale, improving cardholder engagement is always about meeting cardholders where they are.

Omnichannel Touch Points

Give your cardholders the ability to purchase and redeem points seamlessly — wherever they are — by integrating with all major processors and thousands of popular merchants.

Peer Benchmarking Data

Compare loyalty program and cardholder engagement performance. Leverage peer benchmarking through L.E.A.P. to assess program performance across a portfolio of over 30 KPIs and thousands of peers.

Cardholder Segmentation

Offer a more personalized loyalty program by recognizing the varying behaviors of your cardholders. Segment cardholders to drive higher levels of engagement with your brand and overall cardholder loyalty.

Flexible Rewards

Customize the rewards cardholders receive and seamlessly integrate technologies to ensure they can quickly redeem. Give cardholders what they want and tie those rewards to internal strategic initiatives.

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Better Marketing & Support Improves Your Cardholders’ Experience

When you deliver a seamless experience to cardholders — that builds brand loyalty.

When you tie rewards to user behavior, your cardholders won’t simply use your card because they can — they’ll use it because it offers them tangible, meaningful value.

Give cardholders a better experience, and improve your engagement along the way. With debit and credit marketing strategies built to connect with your cardholders, you drive brand equity, loyalty, and cardholder engagement.

Your Marketing Strategy Is Only One Part Of Engagement

Offer your cardholders a customized experience — and then optimize engagement using a range of engagement tools.

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Dreampoints Website Customization

Portfolio Insights and Data Analytics

Access a platform that helps you attract, engage and retain cardholders. Use L.E.A.P. to identify areas of opportunity and drive improvements across your program lifecycle.

Customized Earning & Redemption Offerings

Design customized point parameters and point earning levels. Enable diverse redemption for cardholders with rapid-redeem and convenient capabilities.

Modernize Technology

Integrate file formats and multiple providers, including your financial institution, debit and credit processors, digital providers and the core platform.

Innovation & Enhancements

Deliver cutting-edge rewards and redemption technology. At ampliFI, we’re always thinking about tomorrow and how cardholder demands will evolve.

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