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Ron Silvia


Ron Silvia has spent 30 years in the payments industry, having the privilege of steering the course of multiple client-focused teams to unprecedented success.

As a dynamic and results-driven professional, he has amassed a wealth of experience that has been pivotal in propelling organizational growth and driving market expansion. Ron’s adeptness exemplifies his unwavering commitment to excellence in cultivating robust, high-performing, and enduring partnerships characterized by profound professionalism and passion.

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What do you love the most about your role?

With the focus on all things clients, my role enables me to follow the life-cycle of our client partners from sales, through client delivery, then onto their Relationship Manager for support day to day as well as seeking engagement opportunities with cardholders, and then finally with Marketing and Engagement which is the execution of growth opportunities as well as creation of engagement strategies with our client partners.

What attracted you to the loyalty space?

Being in card payment processing my entire career I always watched how rewards and engagement really ‘moved the needle’ when it came to cardholder behaviors. Through earning and redemption activities you certainly gain a clearer advantage as to what makes the ‘consumer’ truly engaged to the card and ultimately the brand.

What do you see as the future of loyalty?

Consumers are savvy and now are intrigued with quick/real-time rewards benefits both on the earning and redemption side of the equation. Realtime rewards brings the offers directly to the consumers who enjoy the instant gratification and our client partners enjoy the solution as it solidifies their branding with the consumer through various engagement strategies built upon the redemption all with a ‘surprise and delight’ strategy vs. logging into a website and signing up.

“Life is Meant to be Lived, Live it Your Way and Don’t Forget to Actually Live it”

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