ampliFI is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sutton Bank.

PRESS RELEASE: Naperville, IL – August 23, 2023

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, a market-leading provider of customized loyalty and engagement program solutions for small and mid-sized financial institutions, today announced their partnership with Sutton Bank, an independent, Ohio-based community bank that is a leader in the payments industry.

Sutton Bank partners with FinTechs to issue hundreds of card programs nationwide and possesses deep relationships with networks, processors, and program managers. Sutton’s expertise compliments ampliFI’s experience and marketplace innovation.

ampliFI is a recognized leader in loyalty programs and has been delivering the highest levels of consumer engagement for more than 25 years. Currently, ampliFI manages over $45 billion of annual spend for more than 10 million active cardholders and is the exclusive provider to Visa for loyalty and rewards to banks and credit unions via the VRP (Visa Rewards Program). ampliFI delivers an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise to the market with the advantage of having partners like Sutton while also working hand-in-hand with small to mid-size banks and credit unions across the United States. This unique visibility and perspective enable faster insights, bigger innovations, and stronger solutions that translate into products that scale for their entire client portfolio.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Sutton Bank. We partner today with some of the most successful service providers, banks and credit unions across the country, and this new collaboration with Sutton Bank will play a vital role in driving growth initiatives as we continue to expand our range of products and services,” said Mike Knoop, ampliFI CEO.

About Sutton Bank:
Sutton Bank is a progressive, Ohio-based, and independent community bank. Founded in 1878, Sutton Bank has grown into a top-performing community bank, as recognized by the Independent Community Bankers of America.

As a Community Bank in Ohio, Community is the key to any expansion and strategy that the Bank pursues. In fact, you could say that Community is the driving force for the Bank. We believe that the Community we operate in is not defined by our branches and physical presence, but rather is defined by our mission and approach to our partners and their clients. This is the foundational premise with which the Bank operates.

About ampliFI Loyalty Solutions:
ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is a data-driven, industry-leading loyalty and engagement provider, offering custom rewards programs for financial institutions nationwide. With over 25 years of innovative experience, ampliFI delivers branded loyalty programs for credit and debit cards tailored to financial institutions. Being a pure loyalty program provider, ampliFI is provider agnostic, giving clients flexibility integrating into their existing processing relationships.

ampliFI’s robust and innovative solutions include a suite of real-time rewards, unique earning and redemption opportunities, total relationship rewards, and full cardholder support. ampliFI gives issuers the power to customize and manage their program to align with their market strategies and provides data analytics that highlight performance and engagement insights on cardholder behavior to drive positive ROI. The company is headquartered in Naperville, IL, with an on-site customer contact center, as well as PCI compliant operations. ampliFI is influencing and supporting over 10 million cardholders and is Visa’s exclusive domestic provider for their loyalty product.