Director of Infrastructure, Peter Lasky, gives his thoughts about integrating with JumpCloud and OpenVPN.

When I was first asked, “If you had your way, how do you see Augeo FI using the cloud and a single login for all applications?,” my first thought was immediately to use JumpCloud. I have been using JumpCloud at home for my family devices as well as security on WiFi and it’s a very simple, inexpensive alternative to Microsoft Active Directory for single point user management.

The best part about JumpCloud is the portability. This allows us to integrate with other service providers such as Gmail, KnowBe4, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and others. It also allows IT to provision users in one place for all applications as well as workstations and server access. Access and provisioning now takes minutes instead of days allowing the team to work on other tasks throughout the day.

When Augeo FI decided to use JumpCloud, we used it to integrate with our new VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection in AWS using a service called OpenVPN. Since that integration JumpCloud and OpenVPN announced an integration and asked us if we would be a part of a press release announcing the integration. After the press release, JumpCloud asked Augeo FI if we would take part in a case study to explain why we chose JumpCloud and how it has helped our organization move forward in the Digital space. Click on the links below to read more.

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