As a financial institution, you understand the significance of providing exceptional value in today’s competitive and dynamic landscape. The retail and dining industries are equally competitive, with many merchants vying to engage with consumers during the purchasing process. Merchant-funded offers have emerged as a solution that many institutions use to collaborate with merchants to enhance the consumer purchasing experience.

What are Merchant-Funded Offers?

Merchant-funded offers are incentives that reward consumers for shopping with specific merchants. ampliFI’s merchant-funded offers give cardholders access to over 45,000 national and name-brand merchants, delivering diverse opportunities for cardholders to choose from. These offers are linked to your program and can only be accessed by using your rewards card, keeping your card top-of-wallet and reinforcing the value of your program.

This type of offer is in high demand among consumers. According to a recent report from PYMNTS Intelligence and Banyan1, 62% of millennials and 59% of consumers with children have used a merchant-funded offer in the last 12 months, highlighting specific audiences that these offers resonate with. The same report indicated that 65% of consumers with merchant-funded offers develop a deeper loyalty to their card provider, and 50% of millennials stated they would switch to companies that offer product-specific and merchant-funded offers.

Drive Loyalty with Merchant-Funded Offers

100% Merchant-Funded

ampliFI’s catalog of loyalty products aims to enrich the cardholder experience through more opportunities to earn bonus points. All of ampliFI’s merchant-funded offers are 100% funded by merchants, saving our clients money while delivering exceptional value. While programs vary by partner, ampliFI’s merchant-funded program features:

  1. Diverse Offers. Cardholders are likelier to use their rewards card when they can choose their rewards. ampliFI’s merchant-funded offers provide access to a broader spectrum of offers, ensuring more opportunities to earn bonus points.
  2. Up to 10X Bonus Points: When cardholders make purchases with eligible merchants, they can earn up to 10X bonus points. Bonus points are added to the cardholder’s overall point balance, increasing earning potential.
  3. Item-Level Offers: Our revolutionary program includes item-level offers, a feature allowing cardholders to earn rewards and discounts on the products they adore. No more generic, one-size-fits-all offers.
  4. Bonus Travel Offers: Besides discounted offers, ampliFI’s program gives cardholders bonus points when using their rewards card to book trips.  Cardholders can enjoy even more benefits and rewards as they spend money on travel expenses.

Surprise and Delight With Merchant-Funded Offers

Surprise and delight your cardholders with a chance to earn bonus points above and beyond your program’s earn rate. Meet your cardholders’ demands by enabling them to shop at their favorite merchants while delivering a branded experience that drives sustained loyalty.

At ampliFI, we’re excited to take your loyalty solutions to new heights. Connect with our team at or click the link below to get started.

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