What is Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral has always sought to inform, guide and educate potential consumers or financial institutions on how their current challenges can be solved with specific targeted messaging. Marketing collateral can deliver tangible evidence on the value of a product to ensure that it carries weight in the consumer’s mind. 

At ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, marketing collateral is the main focus of a content marketing strategy for a financial institution. It allows consumers to access necessary information regarding their rewards program features and details. These materials act as an extension of a financial institution’s main marketing effort to help solve consumer challenges. There are several standard benefits of providing marketing collateral to consumers in order to bridge the gap without presenting an entire sales demo, while still delivering effective communication. To create successful marketing collateral, we put together three proven strategies that can help communicate the value of your financial institution and build brand loyalty with your cardholders.

Three Best Practices to Create Effective Marketing Collateral

1. Engage and InformMarketing Materials

The nuts and bolts of your communication story are to engage and inform. It’s the essentials of what consumers need to understand regarding your products and offerings. Make sure you have easily shareable information ready to communicate with your consumers to eliminate any sort of communication delay when conversing with them about the basics of your program. Whether it’s through digital platforms or print, making information engaging, informative and accessible will help relieve consumer questions and begin building trust. 

2. Building Loyalty

The information about your program needs to be communicated to potential, new and existing consumers, and your collateral is the first stop. It sets the tone for the engagement process, giving them the information they need to make a qualified decision and allowing them to refer to the information throughout the decision making and onboarding journey. With that, you can fully inform and educate them about the benefits of your product(s), building trust with your audience from the very start and showing them the full range of details they need. Your collateral can be used in this way as sales materials for both external consumers and internal users, like sales associates, management and more, creating a singular reference point for consistent messaging and communication.

3. Promotional Engagement

One of the most vital applications for marketing collateral is implementing yearly or quarterly loyalty program promotions to enhance traffic users toward your rewards program. Building a promotional campaign can help increase brand awareness, elevate engagement and revenue upside. For example, develop a quarterly campaign to encourage spend on certain merchant categories like grocery stores, sporting goods, home improvement, etc. Marketing collateral should then be created to support your campaign through print or digital platforms. By doing so, your cardholders will be more educated, engaged and informed about your promotional campaign.

To learn more about how to create effective promotional campaigns, check out our recent article about data-driven loyalty program promotions here.

The idea that print is dead has been perpetuated for a long time, but the most prominent argument to refute that would be print collateral still exists, and it is still a standard for businesses across the country. It is possible to create an effective content strategy by distributing well-designed marketing materials and getting tangible items into your consumers’ hands, allowing them to engage in a way with your brand that is fresh and novel.

Better marketing and support improves your cardholders’ experience. When you deliver a seamless experience to cardholders — that builds brand loyalty. When you tie rewards to user behavior, your cardholders won’t simply use your card because they can — they’ll use it because it offers them tangible, meaningful value. Give cardholders a better experience, and improve your engagement along the way utilizing marketing collateral. With debit and credit marketing strategies built to connect with your cardholders, you drive brand equity, loyalty, and cardholder engagement.

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