ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is excited to announce the expansion of our real-time rewards suite with Checkout With Points! This real-time redemption option allows cardholders to use their points toward qualifying purchases at participating merchants to score an exclusive discount. Our team is excited to launch the expansion beginning this summer featuring Dollar General, Walgreens, Giant Eagle and Schnucks, with additional merchants coming soon. Read more about how Checkout With Points works and why it benefits your financial institution and cardholders to drive loyalty and engagement. 

How It Works

Checkout With Points is a complimentary addition to our real-time rewards suite, allowing cardholders to redeem points for discounts at checkout with participating merchants. Cardholders can redeem their points in three easy steps:

  • Shop: Shop at participating merchants and use your reward card at checkout
  • Select: If you have enough points and your transaction qualifies, the screen will prompt you with an offer to redeem points for a discount by selecting “yes”
  • Save: Score a $5 or $10 discount, which immediately applies to your purchase

Cardholders can see immediate rewards during their transaction and drive engagement for your financial institution by earning and redeeming in real-time. In partnership with Pay With Points and Fuel With Points, you can create a cohesive, all-inclusive suite of real-time rewards to maximize engagement and long-term cardholder loyalty. 

Benefits of Real-Time Rewards

ampliFI’s real-time rewards suite offers your financial institution and your cardholders. From exceptional redemption options to real-time engagement and exclusive discounts, you and your cardholders can experience a new way to establish long-lasting relationships together. Check out a few of the amazing ways that real-time engagement can mutually benefit your organization and consumers: 

Fuel With PointsFinancial Institution Benefits

  • Increased Engagement – Cardholders are more likely to use their cards in order to gain access to exclusive discounts and offers, allowing your organization to see higher usage and spend.
  • Increased Revenue – With higher spend and usage comes higher revenue, generating greater returns for your financial institution.
  • Higher Cardholder Retention and Loyalty – When your cardholders are happy, they are excited to stay, and providing a quality loyalty real-time experience has proven to increase retention and brand loyalty among consumers.  Think of these features as a way to shop alongside the cardholder or loyalty-on-the-go, which can really exceed consumer expectations and provide a unique banking experience.

Cardholder Benefits

  • Real-Time Benefits – The benefit is in the name: we bring the rewards to cardholders to use their points in real-time to redeem for exceptional rewards, while also gaining more points on non-rewards purchases.
  • Practical Redemption Options – Not all cardholders prefer classic rewards selections, and real-time rewards give cardholders the power to drive their own redemption choice with flexible options, from varying merchant discounts, statement credit to cover the cost of a purchase and fuel discounts.
  • Flexibility – Life throws a lot of curveballs at you, and real-time rewards give your cardholders the flexibility to alter their redemption option depending on life events. For example, with the recent rise in fuel prices, more cardholders are redeeming points for fuel discounts through Fuel With Points.

Adding Real-Time Rewards

Adding real-time rewards to your existing program is easy! Our experts help you set up, market and launch your program to success with a variety of options, including auto-enrollment and cardholder communications. First, the ampliFI team will help you learn about the three real-time options, implement them into your existing or new program, then build a communication plan for cardholders to help spread the word about these new and exciting redemption options. 

Interested in learning more about Checkout With Points and Real-Time Rewards? Start your journey today by contacting!

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