Loyalty providers play a pivotal in shaping consumer experiences and fostering long-term relationships. According to Marigold1, 67% of consumers remain with an institution because of a loyalty program, 79% stay loyal because of diverse and meaningful redemption options, and 56% are inspired by the effort to connect with them personally.

As expectations evolve, one-size-fits-all programs may no longer suffice and can even negatively impact an experience. The solution is a dynamic loyalty provider that offers tailored rewards programs for financial institutions and their consumers. 

Why Choose a 3rd Party Loyalty Provider?

Many banks and credit unions still rely on conventional processor programs, which provide standardized rewards with limited personalization. Most processor programs operate under a single loyalty program name, eliminating the connection between your institution’s brand and the loyalty rewards your cardholders earn. In an era defined by individuality and choice, such approaches often fail to deliver meaningful experiences, deterring true loyalty and retention.

3rd party loyalty providers empower financial institutions with the ability to create a loyalty program that meets their specific objectives while still retaining control over the program’s management. These advantages include:

Strategic Partnership: Alignment between the loyalty provider and the financial institutions’ objectives drives engagement and success within the loyalty landscape.

Custom Branding: Enhance brand recognition and cohesion by incorporating your brand colors, fonts, and logo into your loyalty rewards landing page and marketing materials.

Full Control: 3rd party loyalty providers offer more autonomy over program features, facilitating effortless activation and deactivation, as well as control over program types and profiles.

Expertise: Loyalty providers are solely focused on enhancing loyalty, ensuring clients receive specialized expertise focused on delivering exceptional value.

Tailored Analytics Drive Higher Program Engagement

The crux of any loyalty program lies in the data. Robust data analytics capabilities provide financial institutions with valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends. Institutions can use this information to make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and deliver targeted experiences that drive meaningful results.

Conventional processor programs interpret consumer data as a whole, not individually. This lack of individuality does more harm than good; 85% of consumers are more loyal to brands that treat them as individuals, while more than half of consumers are negatively impacted by impersonal, generic interactions.

3rd party loyalty providers like ampliFI utilize institution-specific data to optimize loyalty programs and ensure they remain aligned with consumers’ interests and preferences while driving higher engagement and spend for the bank or credit union.

The ampliFI Advantage

At ampliFI, we recognize the value and importance of tailored rewards programs that go beyond standardized options. Our platform offers personalized and flexible rewards programs and allows financial institutions to retain control over program management.

The Role of a Loyalty Rewards Provider for Banks and Credit UnionsampliFI is processor agnostic, ensuring clients can choose and switch processors without disrupting their loyalty program operations. With our team’s extensive industry expertise, clients can rest assured that their loyalty program is optimized for effectiveness.

Our platform provides various redemption experiences, including travel, gift cards, Real-Time Rewards, and more. This diversity enables institutions to offer rewards catering to their consumers’ varied lifestyles, fostering deeper loyalty. 3rd party loyalty providers enable financial institutions to unlock the full potential of rewards programs and elevate their consumer experiences.

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