Engage Cardholders with Checkout With Points

What is Checkout With Points?

Market checkout with points

Checkout With Points is an easy and convenient way for cardholders to redeem their rewards points for a discount directly at checkout. Cardholders simply use their rewards card at the time of purchase to score a discount toward a qualifying purchase at merchants like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and more!*

By offering Checkout With Points, you establish a real-time connection with cardholders by giving them the option to redeem their rewards points directly at the point of sale, forging an emotional bond that drives higher engagement and loyalty.

If your financial institution currently offers Checkout With Points, part of ampliF’s innovative Real-Time Rewards suite, our marketing experts are sharing three tactics to help educate and market Checkout With Points to your cardholders.


1. Develop an Awareness Email Campaign

An awareness email campaign is considered to be one of the most effective strategies to keep consumers engaged with your brand. The key to a successful awareness email is to be informative and consistent. The email you develop should include basic information about what Checkout WIth Points is and simple steps of how it works. We recommended incorporating the three simple steps below within your email content to make your message relevant and valuable to cardholders.

  1. 1. Shop: Shop at participating merchants and use your rewards card at checkout.
  2. 2. Select: If you have enough points and your transaction qualifies, select “yes” when the screen prompts you to redeem your offer.
  3. 3. Save: Checkout & save! Score a $5 or $10 discount* to immediately apply to your qualifying purchase.
    *Discounts and refund policies vary based on merchants. Please refer to specific merchant terms and conditions on the Checkout With Points website for more details.

Overall, the email you develop needs to emphasize the benefits of Checkout With Points and how cardholders can maximize value.

2. Integrate Checkout With Points in Welcome Kits

Welcome kits are a great informational package to offer new cardholders either in print or digital form. An effective welcome kit provides an overview of the perks of your rewards program and what benefits your financial institution has to offer, more specifically calling out valuable real-time rewards options like Checkout With Points.

To market Checkout With Points within your welcome kit, you want to ensure you provide compelling information for cardholders to take action, such as setting up their alert preferences and visiting the rewards site as this will allow them to explore and learn more about Checkout With Points. We recommend keeping it short and sweet and using keywords like “discounts” or “save” to capture the attention of the cardholder.

3. Create Engaging Social Media Content

Social media allows you to reach and connect with your cardholders at a rapid rate, which is why it’s the perfect platform to promote real-time redemption options like Checkout With Points. Information on social media can also easily be found by consumers who may not be current cardholders and provides your financial institution with an acquisition avenue. Making your information available across social media channels can help expand cardholders’ knowledge about Checkout With Points, and the other perks of your loyalty program.

You don’t have to create an elaborate social media plan to engage your cardholders. Keep it simple with these key strategies:

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Developing and implementing effective marketing strategies and campaigns for Checkout With Points can help elevate engagement and boost your loyalty program performance. Each financial institution has a different approach in terms of marketing and strategy, however incorporating the three tactics we recommended can help you effectively connect your brand with your cardholders.


*Terms and conditions apply. Offers and refund policies vary based on merchants. 

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