As the loyalty industry partner for our clients, ampliFI is committed to identifying and sharing opportunities to increase engagement and growth at your financial institution. The performance of our clients is a top priority at ampliFI, and our team of experts works hand-in-hand with financial institutions to meet and exceed goals. This case study features an ampliFI Loyalty Solution’s client that implemented a Card on File Tiered Spend Promotion with three major retailers and achieved excellent results. The campaign resulted in higher order volumes, higher spend, a higher volume of unique cardholders engaging in the promotion, and higher average purchase costs overall.

Client Overview and Objectives

Located in the Southeast region of the United States, the financial institution* featured in this case study has an asset volume of over $7 billion and more than 60 branches. When reviewing options for increased cardholder engagement and spend, this financial institution identified an opportunity to increase card-on-file transactions at three major online retailers, including,, and The goal was to engage cardholders and drive higher-level spending with all merchants and in total aggregate spend.

Program Overview and Process

The spend threshold for the three online retailers was identified by analyzing data from the previous year during the same time period. The financial institution calculated the average spend threshold for cardholders in the previous year, and then designed the promotion to drive higher-than-average spend levels at three popular retailers. The promotion incentivized spending for their cardholders at the three online retailers with multiple parameters for their cardholders to potentially earn bonus points.

During the promotion, spending $500 at all merchants combined earned an extra 5,000 bonus points. Spending $1,000 at all merchants combined earned 10,000 bonus points, and spending $1,500 at all merchants combined earned an extra 20,000 bonus points.

Pay With Points Case Stud

A Tiered Spend Promotion Results

The campaign results were successful across the board, generating higher order volume and higher spend at all three retailers. It also created a higher volume of unique cardholders engaged, as well as a higher overall average purchase cost. There was an 1169% lift in spend and a 745% lift in order volume.

Even after this promotion ended, the financial institution continued to see growth in all key KPIs in the six months following the promotion compared to the six months before the promotion. There was a 101% growth in spend, an 82% growth in active households, and a 70% growth in transactions when comparing post-promotion to pre-promotion activity. 

*Client name and identifying information have been redacted for privacy purposes. The case study reflects data gathered from May 2021 through June 2022.

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