Operational planning and technology implementations are usually accomplished on a linear path. Project management, with all its notation of dependencies and assessment of risk, is meant to keep our work on track, within limits and with minimal disruption.

But does a linear approach to business planning fall short when the world presents us with a big surprise? We’ve planned for responses to natural disasters, even terrorist attacks, but how do we address operations during the current pandemic?

Join [The Wise Marketer] and ampliFI Loyalty Solutions experts, Kevin Sagon, Chief Technology Officer, and John Jones, Director IT Security, as we talk about what it takes to adjust quickly in this time of crisis. They discuss how to deliver what clients need, meet customer expectations of high quality customer experience, and most importantly ensure the health and safety of employees.

Kevin and John bring perspective from a technology and security expertise, respectively, as they discuss many different topics including business continuity, maintaining customer and provider communications, top information technology security concerns, the new normal, a blended workforce, rapid virtualization and what it means for team collaboration and mental health. “”The Wise Marketer, May 28, 2020.

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