Illinois and various other states have extended their shelter-in-place order which means many more lives and businesses will be impacted in a much more grave manner due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many retailers and service industries, like restaurants, airlines and hospitality, have been vocal about the challenges they’ve been faced with. However, what about their common denominator? What about the payments industry that allows businesses to keep funded?

The financial institutions that issue debit and credit cards have been affected as the economy slows with mandated shelter-in-place policies lowering spend activity, impacting consumer loyalty programs. A leader in the financial institution loyalty sector, ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, has successfully adapted to the evolving social and economic changes this pandemic has brought upon us. We’ve found ways to keep our client’s cardholders engaged during this sensitive period.

Bill Hanifin of The Wise Marketer featured ampliFI Loyalty Solutions’ Mike Knoop, Chief Executive Officer, and Mike Moss, Chief Product Officer, in a video podcast to discuss the social changes this pandemic has surfaced, the impact it’s had on the financial industry and what we are doing to adjust to these uncertain times.

Click here to view and listen to the video podcast conversation from The Wise Marketer.