The financial services industry is constantly changing, and the key to success lies not only in retaining consumers but also in aligning with them on a deeper level than purely transactional. A common question that arises is whether cashback-only rewards programs are effective in fostering long-term consumer loyalty.

Today on the blog, our experts explain why cashback-only programs fall short in fostering genuine consumer loyalty and highlight alternative solutions to help build stronger and longer-lasting relationships.

The Costs of a Cashback-Only Program

Cashback-only programs tend to attract a specific type of cardholder – those enticed solely by the promise of the highest cashback percentages. However, this transactional approach proves to be a double-edged sword. Consumers who prefer cashback redemptions may seem loyal, but their allegiance is easily swayed by the prospect of a slightly better cashback rate elsewhere. This lack of genuine loyalty can hurt your bottom line in the long run. By providing a more personalized and holistic rewards program, your institution can foster a deeper connection with your consumers and increase their loyalty.

Another inherent problem of cashback-only loyalty programs lies in the automatic nature of the rewards. While depositing cash directly into consumers’ accounts is convenient, the downside is the lack of engagement. Without active participation, the benefits often go unnoticed, hindering the establishment of a deeper connection with the institution. 

Cashback-only programs present a heavy financial challenge, too. The near 100% redemption rate can strain expenses, highlighting the need for a delicate balance between consumer redemption and sustained engagement. Offering cashback as part of a broader loyalty program ensures a more measured and sustainable approach.

Overlooking the Value of Accumulation

Beyond the immediate gratification of cashback, a growing segment of cardholders seeks something more significant – the opportunity to accumulate points for substantial rewards. According to a study by LendingTree1, 63% of surveyed consumers enjoy saving rewards until they reach a certain amount, which can be used on larger purchases and experiences. ampliFI clients that offer travel rewards see a 96.1% retention rate, emphasizing the benefits of a holistic loyalty program. Whether it’s a dream vacation or other aspirational goals, the data shows that consumers value meaningful redemption, a sentiment overlooked by cash-only programs.

Why Cashback-Only Programs Don't Drive True Consumer Loyalty

Diversifying Redemption

Consumers view cashback through various lenses, including real-time rewards, gift cards, and charitable donations. Introducing diverse cash-like redemption options, such as Pay With Points, Fuel With Points, and Checkout With Points, caters to a broader audience. At ampliFI, we consistently see a 6% higher retention rate among consumers with access to Pay With Points than consumers who prefer cashback redemptions.

Offering tailored redemption options aligns with cardholders’ financial goals and motivations, enhancing their experience and driving satisfaction and retention. When your cardholders are happy, they’re excited to stay, and providing real-time experiences has proven to increase retention and brand loyalty among consumers.  Think of these features as a way to shop alongside the cardholder or loyalty-on-the-go, which can exceed consumer expectations and provide a unique experience.

A Path to True Loyalty: Holistic Loyalty Programs

The crux of the matter lies in embracing a more comprehensive loyalty approach. Implementing a full loyalty program, scored in points, provides the flexibility to extend the relationship seamlessly. This strategic move allows the merging of existing programs, creating a unified loyalty currency that reflects the total value of the consumer’s relationship with the institution.

While the immediate benefits of cashback-only programs may be tempting, the long-term success of loyalty initiatives hinges on a more nuanced and engaging strategy. The best way to build genuine and enduring consumer loyalty is to adopt a holistic loyalty program that caters to diverse aspirations rather than relying on transactional allure and automatic rewards.

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