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Our experts selected the top three blogs of 2023 that financial leaders found the most insightful, uncovering the key trends, strategic insights, and actionable advice that can help financial institutions reach a future of sustained consumer loyalty and business success.

1. Empowering Cardholders with Fuel with Points

Loyalty rewards program - Fuel With Points

Our most visited blog of 2023 focuses on the increasing demand for Fuel With Points, a loyalty solution that enables cardholders to redeem their accumulated reward points for gasoline at participating fuel providers. This real-time reward satisfies the growing desire of cardholders to save money at the pump as gas prices rise. 

In a 2022 study by Gartner1, 40% of surveyed consumers used a dedicated card for discounts at the pump. Ross Cosner, VP Analyst at Gartner, emphasizes how brands with loyalty cards are better positioned to adapt to fluctuating markets.  

By offering Fuel With Points, you demonstrate an understanding of your cardholders’ financial motivations and concerns, establish your role as a trusted financial partner, and strengthen your bottom line. Read more about how Fuel With Points empowers cardholders here.

2. Loyalty Rewards Boost Cross-Selling

Cross-selling can significantly bolster your institution’s bottom line by reducing acquisition costs, increasing revenue, and building brand loyalty. It’s also an area many financial institutions struggle in. 

The good news is that loyalty rewards, especially enterprise engagement, can be harnessed to enhance consumer engagement and supercharge cross-selling efforts. Cardholders who utilize multiple products and services enjoy a more comprehensive financial experience and unlock additional benefits, including enhanced convenience, improved financial stability, and increased opportunities for maximizing their economic potential.

Read the full blog to learn how a loyalty reward program can strengthen the bond between cardholders and your institution while effectively increasing cross-selling opportunities.

Loyalty rewards program - Loyalty Rewards Keep Financial Institutions Competitive

3. Loyalty Rewards Keep Financial Institutions Competitive

In an era of fierce fintech competition, a well-crafted rewards program isn’t just a feature; it’s a strategic advantage ensuring sustained value for cardholders and reinforcing a financial institution’s competitive stance. 

ampliFI experts highlight three key strategies in this blog: firstly, empowering cardholders with real-time rewards like Pay With Points and Checkout With Points, providing immediate gratification and a seamless experience. Secondly, personalization emerges as a powerful tool, with data-driven insights tailoring offerings to cardholders’ preferences. Lastly, cultivating loyalty through appreciation and exclusive benefits fosters lasting bonds and yields tangible returns, as evidenced by a significant uptick in interchange revenue for clients adopting ampliFI’s loyalty and engagement solutions. 

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1Gartner Marketing Survey Finds 50% of U.S. Consumers Use a Loyalty Card or App for Gas Price Discounts. Gartner.