Building strong relationships with cardholders is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive financial landscape. A study by Acquia shows that 75% of consumers feel a deeper loyalty to brands and institutions that relate to them personally. For financial institutions, this means offering personalized rewards programs can foster loyalty and trust, ultimately leading to increased spending, improved cardholder retention, and a stronger bottom line.

Personalization is a key driver of cardholder engagement and loyalty, allowing your institution to tailor its offerings and communications to meet your cardholders’ specific needs and preferences. By leveraging a consumer-centric strategy, you can create personalized experiences that resonate with cardholders, drive engagement, and build brand loyalty. 

Not sure where to start? Our experts are sharing three ways to start building a personalized strategy.

Leverage Data and Insights

Leverage Data and Analytics

The first step is to leverage data and insights. You can access a wealth of information based on your cardholder’s journey, from onboarding to customer service reports to transactional data. Leveraging this data will allow you to understand pain points and motivations to create a consumer-centric experience. Segmenting your cardholders by demographic is a good place to start. Next, break those segments into detailed profiles, including location, age, transactional history, attitude, and habits. Once this is done, you’ll have a clearer picture of your individual cardholder’s values, priorities, and preferences to serve as the foundation of your personalization strategy.

Organizing data can be overwhelming. ampliFI’s easy-to-use platform allows your financial institution to harness data to make informed, strategic decisions that align with growth targets for your organization.

Create Personalized Experiences

Once you better understand your cardholder’s needs and preferences, it’s time to start creating personalized experiences. This can take many forms, including targeted offers, customized communications, and tailored rewards programs.

For example, use transaction data to identify cardholders who frequently make purchases at a certain retailer. By sending these cardholders targeted offers and promotions, you increase the likelihood that they will make similar purchases in the future. ampliFI’s loyalty experts can assist in developing timely and compelling campaigns that meet your cardholder’s expectations and drive engagement. 

Personalized experience

Does this really work? Yes! A recent ampliFI client wanted to drive cardholder engagement and higher spending. After reviewing cardholder spending habits, the client identified an opportunity to increase card-on-file transactions at three popular online retailers. The results showed significantly higher order volume and higher spending at all three retailers, and the client continued to see growth in the six months following the promotion. 

Similar to targeting cardholders with spend promotions, offering merchant-funded offers and real-time rewards as part of your loyalty program can yield incredible success in demonstrating cardholder personalization and individuality.  

Measure and Analyze Results

Measuring and analyzing the impact of personalization efforts is key to creating a successful cardholder engagement strategy. Tracking metrics like engagement rates, retention rates, and spending patterns can verify what’s working and what can be improved.

ampliFI’s Management Portal is a tool available to you that provides real-time visibility into your program set-up. With instant access to aggregate data, next-level performance insights, and cardholder information, you can determine the effectiveness of your efforts and continually optimize your strategy. 

Personalization is the future of cardholder engagement and loyalty. By leveraging data and insights, creating customized experiences, and measuring and analyzing the impact of your efforts, you can create experiences that build strong, long-lasting relationships.

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