At ampliFI Loyalty Solutions, we know what successful loyalty programs look like. With nearly 2,100 clients and 70 billion points on file, our specialists have developed five key takeaways as the foundation of any successful loyalty and rewards program to help financial institutions increase cardholder engagement and spend.

Loyalty Programs

A Cohesive Brand Experience

From opening a new account to redeeming points for rewards, your cardholders will have a seamlessly branded experience to build trust and drive cardholder engagement. 

Quality Point Earning Opportunities

Your financial institution is in control of earning opportunities, including dollar-to-point ratios, bonus point offerings, special point rewards and more. 

Redemption Options and Rewards Variety

Whether redeeming points for gift cards, event tickets, entertainment and more, your cardholders have a catalog featuring thousands of redemption opportunities that your financial institution manages. 

Real-Time Engagement

Cardholders can be notified directly after purchase to pay with points, or have the option to redeem points at the pump for discounts on fuel. 

Unique Marketing Opportunities

With ampliFI’s marketing services, your team can create branded marketing materials to easily and conveniently drive engagement and communicate special offers and redemption opportunities with your cardholders. 


With 20+ years in managing and implementing loyalty and rewards programs, ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is a dedicated team of professionals aimed at delivering your cardholders with a best-in-class loyalty program and dynamic experience through Real Time Reward features and other innovative offerings. Achieve your organizational goals through increased engagement because this is loyalty, reinvented. 

Begin planning your organization’s future today. Contact our experts for a free virtual consultation and learn how loyalty can drive your financial institution’s success. 

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