In the ever-changing world of consumer behavior, financial institutions are increasingly recognizing the crucial role that loyalty plays in shaping consumer relationships. As we explore expected 2024 consumer loyalty trends, it becomes clear that financial institutions have a unique opportunity to improve consumer relationships through personalized and relevant offerings. ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is leading the way by providing customized loyalty solutions that perfectly align with the evolving needs of consumers.

2024 Key Drivers of Consumer Loyalty


Top 3 drivers of consumer loyalty in 2024

84% of participants stated they are likelier to interact with messaging related to loyalty programs. Marigold1 data highlights the increasing demand for personalized experiences, with 78% of consumers interested in engaging with personalized offers. In contrast, over half of the respondents stated that impersonal and irrelevant messaging leads to frustration, further emphasizing the importance of personalization in marketing communications.

This data is further supported by White Label Loyalty2, which predicts that the future of loyalty programs will rely on a consumer-centric approach that emphasizes tailored experiences aligning with consumers’ diverse interests and needs. Financial institutions can nurture long-term consumer relationships by leveraging data-driven insights to craft personalized and relevant loyalty initiatives.

ampliFI offers tailored loyalty promotions and personalized marketing options that allow financial institutions to deliver customized consumer experiences, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. 

Privacy Transparency

Financial institutions often struggle with balancing data privacy and personalization. As consumers become increasingly aware of how their data is being used, brands must be transparent and offer valuable incentives to gain their trust. According to Marigold1, 89% of consumers found loyalty points to be the most appealing incentive for sharing their data.

Diverse offerings

When Marigold1 study participants were asked about the features that play a crucial role in fostering loyalty, 68% of the respondents listed a comprehensive loyalty program as most important, while 79% stated that a diverse range of redemption options is crucial. This suggests that consumers desire a variety of rewards and incentives to choose from, catering to their individual preferences.

ampliFI data supports these findings, which shows an increased demand for cash-like rewards. We saw an 87%+ YOY increase in Real-Time Rewards order volume, highlighting a surge in demand for responsive and immediate rewards. These instant rewards incentivize cardholders to use their loyalty card at the point of sale, boosting interchange opportunities and retention. Overall, these findings highlight the importance of a well-crafted loyalty program that offers a range of options to consumers to drive loyalty and engagement.

Top 3 Drivers of Consumer Loyalty in 2024

The Power of Brand Loyalty

According to Marigold1, 63% of the participants expressed their willingness to pay more to shop with brands that offer loyalty programs. This indicates that consumers value personalized loyalty initiatives and are more likely to invest in brands that offer them. Financial institutions can take advantage of this trend by integrating customized loyalty programs with diverse offerings that cater to the individual needs of cardholders. Doing so can boost consumer engagement and retention and foster stronger emotional connections with their consumers.

ampliFI specializes in creating tailored loyalty programs for financial institutions. Our team of experts collaborates with clients to create programs that align with long-term goals and drive engagement, retention, and revenue. Our end-to-end loyalty programs offer a range of rewards, from classic cashback to aspirational travel and experiential rewards, and Real-Time Rewards at the point of sale. 

Based on the 2024 forecast, it’s clear that consumers place significant importance on holistic loyalty programs. In today’s competitive market, where consumer loyalty is crucial, traditional financial institutions can confidently navigate these trends by adopting the loyalty solutions offered by ampliFI. These solutions are designed to provide consumers with attractive rewards and benefits, which in turn help foster a sense of loyalty towards the institution. 

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